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Philadelphia & UCI Bank Details
Philadelphia was called "Uitenhage Church International" for the first 5 years, and therefore all legal obligations were registered in this name. It is a process to change all of that, including the bank accounts. Please be advised that the UCI bank account number is still in full use (see below), and we will soon be ready to give you the new Philadelphia Bank account details which will become the church's operational account. It might be worth noting that, even after we opened the new Philadelphia account, the existing UCI account will remain active for an extended period of time (a year or 2).
We encourage tithing & giving to happen anonymously - Jesus knows who you are and what you are doing, and He will bless you!
Please do put the right reference on all envelopes (Sundays) or internet transfers, i.e. Tithe, Offering, Building Fund, or whatever the money you deposit is meant to be used for
Account Number
Uitenhage Church International
Acc no: 080819923
Standard Bank
Uitenhage Branch
Code: 050416
Property Fund:
Philadelphia Church
Standard Bank, UItenhage
Market Link Account
Acc no: 084801611
Branch: 050416
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Contact Details

Philadelphia Church | Gemeente

Corner of Grey & Frere Crescent
Van Riebeek Hoogte, Uitenhage, 6229

C +27 (064) 907 1102

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